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Batanai Ignatius Padya

Operations Director

He is champion and professional in international development issues tackling socio-economic problems and social justice. An acredited academic from 4 renowned universities holding a Master of Arts in Development studies, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Postgrad in Education. Co-Founder of YPO (Young People for Others). Promoter of youth initiatives and performing arts; more than 10 years experience in leadership, administration and education. Strives for creation of a safe world and communities free from unethical practices. Committed to ensuring Defcorp provides 100% safety and security to its clients.

Timothy Mwanawenyu

Security Director

He is the Security and training Director, he is a security consultant with vast experience in the military spanning more than 20 years and counting. He is well versed in security operations and training, security vetting and clearance, security consultations and consultancy, surveys, and security awareness campaigns. With his immense background and skill, he drives the security performance and defines the Standard procedure for security services in compliance with regional and international standard agencies. He is working on developing a cyber security division which is set to become a trendsetter among local competition.

Frequently Asked Questions.



False alarms are a common concern, but there are a number of steps you can take to avoid them. Firstly, ensure the alarm system is professionally maintained. This will ensure that any potential issues that may activate the alarm outside of its normal operation will be identified and dealt with. Secondly, make sure the back-up battery is fully functional. Next, check that all your doors and windows are secure and properly fitted otherwise they may activate the alarm when they are agitated, for example during strong winds. And of course you’ll need to make sure you only enter the premises through the entry route that has been designated during the set-up of the alarm system.If you are concerned about whether your pets will set the alarm off, opt for a special pet tolerant model. Be sure to discuss this with your alarm installer during the consultation stage so that they take it into consideration when designing your system.

Our average time is just under 8 minutes. Those clients that live well away from the greater city areas will have a longer time, and those within the greater city area will typically have a shorter time.

Defcorp would compensate where it is held liable as stated in the Memorandum of Agreement and the client is required to lodge a claim within seven days of such a loss.

We have a good routine of supervision, inspection, tracking and analysis to ensure contract performance. Our supervisors check on the guard’s day and night. Our 24hr control room, also checks on them twice per hour through our radio communication system. We use guard-monitoring units, which are on real time monitoring and our guards do at least two patrols per hour. The client receives a daily report on how his guard patrolled the previous night/day. We provide adequate supervisory staff to ensure a high level of supervision for shift change and routine inspections.


We utilize a number of systems to ensure that that we maintain the quality of performance on post, and meet the standards required. This is achieved through:

  • A closely managed selection process.
  • Specialist training for site
  • Pre-deployment Parades and post coverage in every main centres
  • Effective and efficient transport system to assist deployment
  • Use of Guard Monitoring Units
  • Detailed Tasking Through a Schedule System
  • Analytics and Reporting